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All Terri Woods wanted was a nice, simple life. A safe place to raise her sons. 


Then one day, she woke up to an unbelievable nightmare of small town corruption. judicial insanity, and a plot to ruin her that defied all rational thought. 


​Now, Terri must summon every bit of faith and strength she can to stay alive, and maintain her sanity as she battles against the “Good Old Boys” of Tennessee who give the South a bad name, and leave a fetid taste in the mouth of anyone who believes that justice shouldn’t be a traded commodity, but rather the right of all American citizens. 

But it isn’t just Terri’s life at stake. They’re also coming for her children, and the deeper she falls into her nightmare and the abyss of corruption, the more desperate her enemies are to make sure that she never lets anyone know just how corrupt one small Southern town can actually be.


1009 pages

Diary of a Nightmare in Williamson County

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